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Sherlock Software offers the industry a fully integrated holiday management system for trust accounting, tariff and channel management, cleaning and maintenance, owner portal and a branded holiday website for your agency with individual holiday properties for your owners.

Sherlock Software has full integration with major channel managers such as Homeaway, Stayz, Tripadvisor (Flipkey) and in addition to calendar synchronisation with AirBnb.

Full integration means that you have a single point of control for all your distribution channels which easily syncs to our property management software. We are one of the only Property Management software companies in Australia that has an online holiday booking system that is fully integrated with our trust accounting and property management software. Essentially you can manage all your residential and holiday property rental needs with the one provider, Sherlock Software. 

iCal & Channel Managers

With short term holiday bookings you want to avoid double bookings and increased workload. It is key to implement a technology that syncs all your calendars together.

iCal (iCalendar) and channel managers do a similar job. They save you time, reduce the chance of errors being made and allow you to run your property portfolio more efficiently. Channel managers, however, do this better.

Channel managers offer revenue management functions which allow you to easily manage your bookings and tariffs in real time. This is the main difference between iCal and a Channel Manager. When a guest makes a booking on one channel it is instantly updated on all calendars. A channel manager will also update the booking details.

Why you need Sherlock’s Holiday Solutions

As a busy property manager, it would be non- negotiable to have a powerful online calendar. As bookings are clearly essential, your business quite literally depends on it. Short term holiday rental management has a lot of complexity and variation from one property to the next and there is already a lot that can go wrong. iCal certainly does have limitations and for bigger property portfolios these limitations could be very challenging.

Our holiday solutions of Sherlock Trust Manager, SecureBOOKIT and OnCloud Websites include channel management which ensures all portals are updated to optimise your occupancy and booking opportunities. Our channel manager syncs in real- time, greatly decreasing the chance of double bookings. Save hours of labour updating portals with one provider to manage your entire holiday rental business.


SecureBookIt is Sherlock Software’s new online holiday management booking system that manages live availability calendars and accommodation pricing online. It automates the enquiry and booking process for your staff and guests. SecureBOOKIT is fully integrated with Sherlock trust management software and Sherlock developed holiday real estate websites.

SecureBOOKIT is an all in one cloud solution that is innovative to the holiday rental industry in Australia, offering simplified business processes. Our team are specialists within the tourism and hospitality industry and love creating guest experiences with an end to end software solution.  We design holiday management to grow your business by developing easy to use and affordable technology integrated with Sherlock Pro holidays and mobile responsive holiday websites.

Sherlock are specialising in holiday management software and offer the market a fully integrated software management system. Take the risk out of your booking calendar and daily operations by implementing Sherlock Software’s comprehensive range of solutions for all of your short- term holiday rental needs.

Contact us today or book a demo of our holiday management solutions.

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