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System Integration for Property Management

System integration for property management is not only key to maximising operational efficiency, productivity and effectiveness in your business processes but will ensure you stay current and competitive.

Our fully integrated software has been designed for property management, sales management, holiday management, Real Estate web design and digital marketing with systems that reduce duplication. 

Our integrated solutions include –

  • Sherlock PRO – Trust accounting
  • Inspector Sherlock- Property manager app
  • ArchiveHUB- Document management system
  • Rentalz OnDemand – Owner, tenant and creditor portal 
  • SecureBOOKit- tariff management system for holidays
  • SOLD- Sales CRM and Sales Trust
  • OnCloud- Real Estate websites and marketing

Reasons for implementing System Integration


The main reasons for agencies to have fully integrated systems is to improve productivity and quality of their operations to speed up workflow and reduce operational costs to the business. Integration is not only used to connect a business’s internal operations, but also external sources such as channel managers and third party form providers that offer additional services. 

When your business grows, the importance of system integration grows with it. Unfortunately, system integration is often overlooked. Businesses take software from various providers to get the job done without thinking about how it will affect the business. Without system integration, you lose efficiency, productivity and opportunity.

Our holiday management solutions include SecureBOOKIT, SherlockPRO, OnCloud Websites and Rentalz OnDemand. These fully integrated solutions allow you to manage your short-term rentals seamlessly with the rest of your agency. Our websites are designed and built with integration in mind. Booking availability calendars and tariffs are fully integrated with our suite of solutions which reduces data entry duplication and the risk of double bookings. 

The benefits to having a fully integrated systems


Spend more time being proactive to help your customers and furthering your business reach, profits and growth.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your system integration for property management with our integrated suite of solutions.

sales@sherlock.com.au or contact Phil on 0418 441 304



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